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Dooney & Bourke

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14th April 2007

I am selling a used but like new gorgeous Dooney and Bourke Tapestry Bag.
Click the picture to see the Ebay auction and get your bids in now!!
If you win this purse, you won't be sorry.

20th March 2007

1_bluebubble10:43am: Anyone Interested?
My girlfriend Debbie wants to sell a handbag and matching wallet. It is a quilted bucket bag in black and I think it is a medium wallet. I will need to take photos of it and post, but if anyone is interested before I list it on eBay let me know. She is asking $200 firm. (They were only used/worn two times so they are new and she takes excellent care of her bags.)
Current Mood: curious

2nd January 2007

kiyoki12:37pm: i heart dbCollapse )

16th October 2006

1_bluebubble10:56pm: Target & DB 2
I forgot that when I was in Target yesterday, I took a couple pics of the bags on my cell phone. They are behind the cut.Read more...Collapse )
The one on the left I think was going for $189.99. Crazy!

And I should add that I was totally joking about the Wal-Mart and Coach thing...because I guess Target did it already! And got BUSTED! Haha!

Take *that* discount drug store trying to pass off designer bags!
Current Mood: GRRRRR
1_bluebubble8:31pm: Target and D&B?
I was shopping at Target yesterday and saw that they are selling D&B Bags!

What's next? Wal-mart selling Coaches??!

Does anyone else find that wierd? Or is it just me? I'm sorry, but I can't imagine buying my designer handbags along with my toilet paper.
Current Mood: Gag

18th September 2006

1_bluebubble1:20pm: I ♥ DB!
Read more...Collapse )

2nd June 2005

dare2dream__9:24pm: i heart dbCollapse )
Current Mood: cheerful

5th April 2005

pstnkrbll8:02pm: I heart dbCollapse )
Current Mood: calm

13th March 2005


i heart dbCollapse )

14th February 2005

writerofictions6:49pm: I <3 DBCollapse )
Current Mood: bored

28th January 2005

carbyfan12:37pm: I <3 DBCollapse )

22nd January 2005

e_la_hannah7:39pm: i♥dbCollapse )
Current Mood: blank

10th January 2005

nan_elenna9:20pm: Hey ladies. I'm not sure if you have already heard of this site or not, but it's awesome and completely legit.


All you have to do is sign up, complete an offer, and get some friends to do the same. There isn't a catch. Within weeks you could receive a Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Fendi, Burberry, Coach, Dior, Kate Spade purse for free. Many people have done it and got the bag authenticated. It's worth it.

5th January 2005

profusion2:59pm: aloha!
i heart dbCollapse )

2nd January 2005

goldfishies225:25pm: I hEaRt DB!<3Collapse )

25th December 2004

randomlythnking1:49am: new
i heart dbCollapse )
Current Mood: chipper

28th November 2004

rockstardiva_5:22am: x-posted.. yaay!
scored all this shit today:

cut. 'cause i'm nice like that.Collapse )

that's the:
+ It Barrel Satchel
+ It Metro Card Case
+ It Cosmetic Case
+ It Small Zip Around

umm... YAY.

D&B is my pimp. lol i have so much of their shit.
ers it.

25th September 2004

xgoldenrosex3:20pm: I think I'm gonna try to have like a weekly theme in this community or something. No one ever posts so this might help to make the community more active. For example, I could ask a question about maybe people's opinions on the quality of Dooney & Bourke bags one week or post a picture of a particular bag and ask everyone's opinion on it (see last entry...I posted a picture of the Hearts Mini Gym Bag and asked everyone's opinion on it). If anyone has any idea of themes or questions or whatever that I could use, please comment here.

So what do you guys think of this bag? It's the first bag in the favorites section on the Dooney website. What do you think about the general style, the design, the quality (for those of you who own it), price?


I for one think it's cute but too small for its price. It's $165 and imo there's barely any room in it. I'd rather buy a cheaper bag from the Hearts collection in a different style because there would probably be more room then. I really like how it has a zipper on the front of the bag though because I think the rainbow zipper is one of the cutest parts of the bag. I love the hearts, especially in this pink color. It reminds me of Valentine's day lol but it's still cute.

23rd September 2003

southern__bell_11:41am: r_u_girly

21st September 2004

rockstardiva_11:10pm: new!
i heart dbCollapse )

2nd September 2004

i_have_tatas9:19pm: New.
I hope this community isn't filled with teeny bopper idiots talking about how they just "luv db n itz reely kute n stuff" and how their "momz bot a new db omgggz".
Anyhoo the ap has been lj-cutted per request.

I <3 DBCollapse )
Current Mood: discontent
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