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I am selling a used but like new gorgeous Dooney and Bourke Tapestry Bag.
Click the picture to see the Ebay auction and get your bids in now!!
If you win this purse, you won't be sorry.

"J" for Jo!

Anyone Interested?

My girlfriend Debbie wants to sell a handbag and matching wallet. It is a quilted bucket bag in black and I think it is a medium wallet. I will need to take photos of it and post, but if anyone is interested before I list it on eBay let me know. She is asking $200 firm. (They were only used/worn two times so they are new and she takes excellent care of her bags.)
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"J" for Jo!

Target & DB 2

I forgot that when I was in Target yesterday, I took a couple pics of the bags on my cell phone. They are behind the cut.Read more...Collapse )
The one on the left I think was going for $189.99. Crazy!

And I should add that I was totally joking about the Wal-Mart and Coach thing...because I guess Target did it already! And got BUSTED! Haha!

Take *that* discount drug store trying to pass off designer bags!
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"J" for Jo!

Target and D&B?

I was shopping at Target yesterday and saw that they are selling D&B Bags!

What's next? Wal-mart selling Coaches??!

Does anyone else find that wierd? Or is it just me? I'm sorry, but I can't imagine buying my designer handbags along with my toilet paper.
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