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I really luv dooney and bourke! It's like an obession!

Name: Jenn
Age: 15...29 days until I turn 16
Birthday: October 31, 1988...HALLOWEEN BABY!
Designer: Tommy Jeans and of course Dooney and Bourke...I have like 4 purses by Dooney and Bourke
Store: Dillards
Makeup Brand: Clinque
Color: Pink
Movie: Mean Girls, The Notebook, and Meet the Parents
Singer/Group: Nelly and Usher
Post a picture of yourself if possible.
What is your opinion on this bag?
Actually I have a bag just like this. Expect mine is the medium sized bag and it's the It bag but it is pink. It's very adorable. It's great for when your wearing something sporty. I love it! I also love the heart collection. I have one of my own. The black mini Tassel bag...its very cute!

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o geeze...I forgot I already put in an application in this community...I'm sorry. But u can still rate my application if you want to
we don't rate applications anyway so it's okay.
you have that bag? it's cute. i only have one IT bag :(
i kno its so adorable.. awwe u should get some more i love them im addicted to dooney and bourke purses!