October 16th, 2006

"J" for Jo!

Target and D&B?

I was shopping at Target yesterday and saw that they are selling D&B Bags!

What's next? Wal-mart selling Coaches??!

Does anyone else find that wierd? Or is it just me? I'm sorry, but I can't imagine buying my designer handbags along with my toilet paper.
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"J" for Jo!

Target & DB 2

I forgot that when I was in Target yesterday, I took a couple pics of the bags on my cell phone. They are behind the cut.Read more...Collapse )
The one on the left I think was going for $189.99. Crazy!

And I should add that I was totally joking about the Wal-Mart and Coach thing...because I guess Target did it already! And got BUSTED! Haha!

Take *that* discount drug store trying to pass off designer bags!
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